About Wang, Ling-li

Wang Ling-Li is a non-traditional Taiwanese artist who creates surrealistic and abstract yet simple pieces using ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, drawing pads and lots of passion.

The images tell the stories about her life, her gains, her pains, her hopes and her fears. “Creation is a way for me to talk to myself.” says Wang.

Her art is not only a reflection of the changes in her life, but also a power that gives her strength to face life’s challenges. “I created, then I grew.” says Wang, “I appreciate that I’ve learned how to draw. When I draw, I question. I question back, I answer, I seek, then I break through.”

In her art, worlds develop, spread and link together. Each has its own story. You’re welcome to discover these worlds!

2019 Winner of the Communication Arts 60th Illustration Competition and Annual: Category Illustration / Unpublished
2019 Indigo Design Award : Silver in Branding
2019 Indigo Design Award : Gold in Illustration
2019 Malamegi LAB13: New Collection Prize
2019 JIA Illustration Award 2019: Bronze Award
2019 Art Olympia: Semi-Honorable Mention

2019 ”Urban Noise” The Krasnodar Regional Art Museum, Krasnodar, Russia

2018-09 Solo Exhibition ”A Time of Chaos Is Already Unzipped” Galerie Saint Gilles, Paris, France
2019-09 Group Exhibition ”International Graphic Art Festival – UNI Graphica 2019” Krasnodar Regional Art Museum, Krasnodar, Russia
2019-09 Group Exhibition ”Final exhibition of Malamegi LAB13” 28 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

2018-09 Art Book ”A Time of Chaos Is Already Unzipped” Self-publish, France
2020-07 Magazine ”Thought Art Magazine – Issue 02” Thought Art, United States

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